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Why I Moved to Berlin

So you are probably thinking what drove me to make this bold decision to move to Germany. Well, read below and find out!

Yes! I actually moved to Berlin, and even the coronavirus pandemic was not going to stop me. I have been planning this for a while and wanted to share my journey with you guys and hopefully inspire someone else to follow their dreams.

Career opportunity

The main reason for moving to Berlin was for a job opportunity in education. I wanted to continue teaching in music, but to specifically conduct concert band. For the last two and a half years, I have been teaching general music and choir and felt it was time for a change. Even before coronavirus, teaching abroad was something that was passionately on my mind. I decided to do my research and attended an international job fair earlier this year. This is where I was offered a full time position to teach 5th & 6th grade band at one of the top schools in Berlin. After the interview they gave me an offer I could not refuse. If you are interested in teaching internationally I have attached a link below.

Travel, Travel, Travel

The opportunity to travel went without question. Living in Europe automatically meant more chances to travel. Traveling In the United States is much different than traveling in Europe. Since I am living in Berlin, I can travel to neighboring countries like the Netherlands and Denmark for €80 or less depending on when I am flying out. This is not like in the States where it can easily cost $200 and more just to fly to Texas. I knew I could potentially see myself living here when I had the opportunity to travel from Prague to Berlin last summer for only $16! Yes you read that correctly. It was a 5 hour bus ride total and I couldn’t believe that was all I had to spend. Being that the cost is lower, makes traveling much more enjoyable and convenient.

Saving Money

Lastly, I decided that I wanted to move abroad for the opportunity to save more money. With the cost of living constantly rising in the States I knew it would become more difficult for me to save money. I wanted to be able to move on my own without worrying about how I was going to afford rent. Although renting apartments in Berlin are on the rise, the overall cost of living is extremely low compared to the States. I have been in Berlin for a week now and only spent a total of €60 on groceries and bought a total of 25 items, which averages to about $68. I don’t think it gets any better than that. I know that as long as I plan accordingly I will easily be able to save and pay off student loans.

Overall Thoughts

I am not saying everyone should make a big decision to move across the globe like I did, but I am saying you should always explore your options, because you never know where it will take you. Fortunately, it took me to Berlin where I am surrounded by family, support, and love. I am eternally grateful to be here and depending on my experience I may choose to stay longer than planned. I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog and can’t wait to update you on my new life in Germany.

International Teaching Link:

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