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A Journey to Self-Love

"A Journey to Self-Love," is a collection of poetry meant for anyone starting or already on their healing journey. It is an invitation to discover and embrace all parts of you without apology. Each poem is as a guide to remind you of the love your are capable of giving yourself. For anyone who is going through their own undoing, this book is for you. 

Also Included:

  • Resources and networks to help you achieve your personal wellness and business goals.

  • Self-love worksheet that is designed to help you reconnect with your inner child. (Worksheet only included in ebook.) 

A Journey to Self-Love," is now available in ebook and paperback form on Amazon.

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Books and Branch

Becoming Chi: 
The Journey to Self-Discovery

“Becoming Chi: The Journey to Self-Discovery” is a collection of poetry that defines what it means to live your truth. This is for the women who at one point in their life felt voiceless, unloved, or lost, yet still found a way to make a home of themselves. It is a calling to find your way back through unraveling what it means to know and own your truth. 

“Becoming Chi: The Journey to Self-Discovery” is releasing in Fall 2022

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