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Chioma Ossai is a best-selling author, poet, music educator, and co-host of, "If We Only Knew," Podcast. Her book, "A Journey to Self-Love," explores concepts of softness, vulnerability, and sensuality. Her poetry is often centered around themes of identity, healing, and authenticity, that challenges what it means to know and love one's self. She was born and raised in New Jersey and lived in Berlin, Germany for the past two years. Her mission is to tell inviting stories through poetry and music to promote self-awareness and challenge others to have a deeper relationship with self. Her hope is to evolve, share, and inspire others to write stories of their own. She also received her Bachelor of Music at Montclair State University in Music Education, and is a classically trained pianist.


Her passion for storytelling became evident after she had the opportunity to travel to Ghana to study traditional West African music, and began documenting her experiences through writing. She has traveled to over 20 countries, and from her colorful narratives captured through poetry, has created a space to evolve artistically with her followers, as well as inspire the world through her stories.

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