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The Inspiration Behind My Upcoming Book

So you’re probably wondering why in the world I decided to write a book. For many of you, this is your first time hearing that I am even writing a book, but for me this has been over a year in the making. I realized, what was the fun in writing it if I wasn’t going to share the process with you? So here I am, being as vulnerable with you as possible about my journey to self-publishing my very first book.

There are many inspirations behind my book, but to begin with it is a culmination of years of self-discovery and personal internal work, which turned into having the audacity to share my story with the world. I have finally worked up enough courage to share my story through my poetry and writing. I do have to admit, that with the sudden pandemic and having to self-quarantine, I created a space of stillness and self-reflection within myself. Having the time to re-organize my ambitions, purpose, and place in this life made me realize that there was a part of me that wanted to speak out loud, and speak fearlessly darling!

So that is what I did, and over a year ago I just began to write. I wrote every day, and whatever showed up on my heart is what I decided to write about that day. Now, to be clear I have always written poetry for as long as I remember, and even took a creative writing class in high school where I created a whole collection of poems, which I still have until this day. However, a short time after that I stopped writing because college and life took its place.

Somehow poetry found its way back in my life towards the end of college and I began writing more and more after graduating. However, the idea of turning it into a book came about during the beginning of the pandemic and I realized I had stories worthy of sharing that I am sure you all could relate to such as self-discovery, love, hurt, relationships, healing, and so much more. These are only a small portion of examples of themes that are echoed throughout my poetry. If you haven’t already and want to read some of my poetry, then head over to my social media pages (link in the top right corner) to check it out.

I have also been extremely inspired by poets such as Amyra León, Jasmine Mans, and Amanda Gorman, who are exemplary artists of creative excellence. Their books have uplifted and inspired me to tell my own story. Each of them bring their own unique flavor and spice in their poetry and are paving the way for other black women to stand in their truth.

Overall, this process has been truly humbling and I have been extremely grateful for my friends and family, and most importantly for you all for being so supportive as I venture on this new journey. I have learned so much about the publishing and branding process and have even been inspired to include an audio book (we’ll save that for another blog). In the meantime, just know I am planning on publishing my book "Becoming Chi: The Journey to Self-Discovery" by the summer of 2021. I am looking forward to continuing to share my process with you so make sure to stay tuned because there are big things in the making that I can’t wait to share with you!



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