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8 Things You MUST Do When Visiting Bali

This was the first friend trip that I planned with one of my closest friends and I can say it was definitely a success. Our journey started as we navigated the beautiful city of Denpasar by taxi, which is also the capital of Bali and a province of Indonesia. We arrived at our lovely stay, Villa Ganesh & Bungalows, in Kuta Selatan. We were greeted with a refreshing dragon fruit smoothie and told about all the different places we could visit. Since we already had some tours planned, we tried to squeeze in as many extra things as we could throughout the trip. Our first night we took it easy as we had many adventures to explore early the next morning. Continue reading to follow the journey

1. Gates of Heaven

This is one of the most popular temples visited in Bali. In order for us to get here at a decent time we left our villa bright and early at 4:30am, keeping in mind that the drive would take an hour and a half to get there. On our way there our tour guide explained that many others that were driving on the road were also headed there, and it’s common for people to leave extremely early in the morning

Once we arrived, I understood why. There was already a crowd forming, so we quickly parked the car and walked up the steep hill leading to the temple. By the time we got in, it was close to 6:30 am and we had a number given to us in order to take the glorious picture you see above. We were number 51, so imagine if we got there any later than we did. However, it was totally worth it, especially because Balinese people were preparing for a ceremony called Galungan so the temple was decorated with bright colored umbrellas and rich fabrics.

2. Tirta Gangga Palace

This place was absolutely breathtaking. The layout of the pond with colorful koi fish swimming around called for some great instagram pictures. The palace features multiple gardens, tiered fountains, stepping stones, and historic stone carvings. Did you know that Tirta Gangga also used to be a royal palace? I could just imagine what it was like to live here.

3. Experience Bali Waterfalls

My friend and I actually visited both waterfalls the day of our flight and we headed out at 8:30 am to catch these stunning waterfalls.

Kanto Lampo – Kanto Lampo waterfall is probably my favorite in terms of it being so massive and picturesque. It was quite magical to experience this waterfall as the surroundings were full of vibrant energy. I would be lying though if I sat here and wrote that it was an easy task to climb up the waterfall, because it definitely was not. However, the views were absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. It was even more so beautiful when the sun would hit the rocks and you could catch a bright and colorful rainbow casted in the sky.

Tibumana – Tibumana waterfall is much more tranquil and peaceful than Kanto Lampo, but both are equally beautiful in their own way. I enjoyed this waterfall mainly because unlike the other one it was less crowded and I was able to swim and enjoy the water. There is a bit of a trail to get there, but nothing too extreme.

Kanto Lampo Tibumana

4. The Spa

You can’t go to Bali and not get a Balinese massage. In general, going to a s pa the first few days after flying for almost a full day is a complete way to relax and help with jetlag.

My friend and I both spent a total of three hours in pure heaven at the “Royal Orchid Spa” in Nusa Dua. They also had a restaurant so we grabbed some delicious food to eat before getting our massages. When we entered the spa, we were greeted with fresh lemon grass tea and cold hand towels to cool down our face. On our way to the room we passed by intricate detailed doors and hand carved statues. The spa itself was just absolutely beautiful to look it. Once we got to the room, we were then given robes before getting our two hour spa service, which included; a Thalaso foot wash, an hour traditional Balinese massage, a body scrub, a yogurt moisturizer, and a flower bath. I literally felt like I was in paradise once I was done, and it was one of the most relaxing experiences on the trip.

5. The Bali Swing

Going on the Bali swing was one of my top things to do when arriving. Granted you will see swings literally everywhere, whether it be at the beach or at a restaurant, but there is nothing like swinging over freshly planted rice fields. I was actually quite impressed by how well Bali catered to tourism. After we paid for admission there was a setup of dress rentals that you could choose from. I already planned on wearing the dress I had on, but after seeing such colorful flowing dresses, I caved in and rented a dress, which was actually quite affordable. The staff were super friendly and helped to capture many beautiful moments on the swing. Of course, you have to wear a harness for safety, but once you get on it is not nearly as terrifying as it looks.

6. Seminyak Village

This is one of the best places to hang out if you’re looking for night life and more tourist attractions. It’s filled with restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and more. It’s also a great area to check out if you are searching for Western or American food. I personally try to stay away from American dishes and embark on a journey of flavorful cultural food while I’m abroad. I think there is so much beauty in trying authentic food and being immersed in completely new customs and traditions. However, I personally still enjoyed Seminyak Village and found there were plenty of things to do. A great place to eat if you are looking for a more American style dish is called “Bossman.” They had the most incredible juicy burgers you’ll ever taste. It was flavorful, fresh, and affordable.

Also, if you are looking for the night life scene “La Favela” is one of those places. It’s an indoor and outdoor bar and restaurant. The bar was meant to replicate parts of South America so it literally feels like you landed in Rio. It features three different floor levels, all playing a mixture of genres including pop, rap, and house music. The drinks are pretty good and the scenery is beautifully displayed. My friend and I met people from all over, and everyone seemed extremely friendly. Definitely a guaranteed great night out.

7. Coffee Plantation

Some of the best coffee I have tasted, I had at “Bali Pulina,” which is one of the many coffee plantations in Bali. There was a short-guided presentation of how the coffee was made and produced, which part of that presentation talked about how native wild cats ate the actual cocoa beans. More of that explanation can be found here on my instagram highlight titled Indonesia Part 2. During the presentation we even got to take part in the process of roasting and grinding the cocoa beans. After the mini tour, we sat down in the restaurant where they displayed the different types of coffees and teas they offered while overlooking an alluring view of yet another amazing rice terrace. Some of my favorites included coconut coffee, chocolate coffee, and lemon grass tea. The restaurant had a range of foods to try so I also indulged in some refreshing coconut ice cream. The trip here was beyond worth it, and I even bought some lemon grass tea to bring back home from their store that had a selection of things for you to buy

8. Nusa Dua Beach

You can’t go to a tropical island without heading to the beach at least once. Nusa Dua Beach is a must with its endless variety of foods, drinks, and shopping centers. This place has everything! I personally enjoyed relaxing on the cabana and swimming in the warm water. On this specific day my friend and I definitely spent the most of our time here. What was also great about renting a cabana was that we had automatic service by the buzz of a bell, and the staff were incredibly friendly. The beach itself was peaceful, clean, and relaxing. It also was not as crowded as I thought it would be so there was plenty of fresh air to take in. The best part, were the swings that they had right in front of our cabana. There were also swings in the actual water, which I thought was pretty clever. Who wouldn’t want to happily be on a swing in the middle of a tropical beach on vacation? I know I would.

Final Thoughts

This was one of my best vacations so far. It definitely made an impression on me mainly because of the amazingly kind-hearted people. It was refreshing to be around people who genuinely meant well and just wanted you to enjoy your time. Also, you can’t beat the scenery! No matter where you look Bali is filled with beauty, which is probably why it’s one of the highest recommended places to visit. Starting with the views, to the food, and incredible hospitality, Bali has a 5.0 rating in my book. On top of all that, Bali is extremely affordable so not only will your money go far here, but you will feel like your living in luxury without having to pay the full price of luxury. Just remember, if you do decide to visit Bali please be generous and tip those providing you with a service. Balinese people truly appreciate the offer and overall kindness. Lastly, the best part was that I got to experience it with one of my closest friends that I have known since elementary school that made the trip full of laughter, love, and memories.

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Chioma Ossai
Chioma Ossai
24 mar 2020

I’m glad you enjoyed it! and I truly appreciate your feedback and support 😊

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Chioma Ossai
Chioma Ossai
24 mar 2020

Amazing Article! Thank you for the insight about Bali.

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