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Why You Should Take a Solo Trip to Cuba

Here are the top 5 reasons I am going to discuss as to why you should travel solo to Cuba.

1. Very Safe

2. Create connections

3. Eat authentic food & drinks

4. Live culture full of music and dance

5. Close attractions and beautiful landscapes

Now, listing these reasons wouldn’t mean anything if I didn’t give you my own personal experience and the impact it has had on me. If you’re interested in taking a virtual tour of Cuba through my own lens, then please continue to read.

Traveling to Cuba has been by far one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, not just because of the authentic food and diverse culture, but because of the many connections I made. Trekking through Cuba definitely had its moments, but nothing beats the freedom and flexibility one has when traveling on their own.

The second day after settling into my Airbnb and grabbing some dinner, I headed to Castillo de San Salvador. On my way I asked a local for directions, but little did I know that I would make a lifelong friendship. I honestly felt like I was destined to meet Andy, who throughout my trip gave me the best guided tours. He led the way to Castillo de San Salvador, among many other places.

Although some people would be skeptical about following a stranger around a foreign country, I had a good feeling about him and decided to trust my instinct. I guess I was lucky that day because we ended up exploring Santa Maria Beach, El Colosseo, which honestly had the best drinks and hand-crafted pastas, and enjoyed a night full of Carnival festivities. Andy ended up showing me around most of my time in Havana, but I did have moments where I just wandered around the city and randomly danced with local musicians in Plaza Vieja.

Being that I traveled solo, I relied on group tours for my travel experiences. One of the highlights was the group tour I did to Playa Coral where I snorkeled for the first time and fed hundreds of colorful fishes. I also enjoyed swimming in the cool waters of Saturn Cave and basking in the view of green forest surrounding the Bacunayagua bridge.


The next day I was off to Trinidad, Cuba, another beautifully colored city filled with stories and history. Unlike Havana, Trinidad was in the mountains and did not have as much traffic of people as Havana. A part of me enjoyed the quietness and stillness of it all. I learned about the history of Trinidad at Museo de Historia. I climbed to the top of the building to explore a breath-taking view of the stunning city drizzled in colors of yellow, blue, and orange. I went horseback riding in the Sugar Mills of the green mountains and danced all night long with natives of Trinidad at Casa de la Música.

After having these meaningful experiences, you can see why traveling to this beautiful country alone was the only decision to make. I connected with people from all over, I danced until my feet were tired, and I stuffed my face full of diverse and authentic Cuban cuisine. Before heading back home, I still enjoyed a couple more days in Havana, before finally saying goodbye to a place that changed my heart forever.

Final Thoughts

Cuba has an electric and vibrating culture that is unforgettable and extremely safe. On any given day you will hear music down the streets of Havana being blasted from windows. On top of that I got to experience this beautiful country on my own. Traveling solo granted me the opportunity to connect and interact with people like never before. I became more aware and mindful of my surroundings. The best part was the flexibility of being able to get up and go as I pleased. I explored the vibrant and rich culture of Cuba on my own terms. I hope that after reading this blog you become inspired to travel to Cuba and experience the beauty of solo traveling.


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